How far can you Run?

Pulaski County USA gave you all a little break to catch upon housework and errands this weekend, with only one main event taking place.  The Saint to Saint race is the only relay race that starts and ends in Missouri!  Saturday was their first inaugural event and it is already on the calendar for September 7th next year.  This event raises money for a great cause; the Diabetes Education Fund.  Every year more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes and “we believe that education is the key for these individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle in the future,” according to the Saint to Saint information packet.  This year there were ten teams of five and three ultimate runners who ran the entire forty-one miles between Saint Robert and Saint James.  The fun fact about this race is those people who ran this year are now the record holders for the years to come!  The fastest time for the ultimate runner division was 6.14.  I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t imagine running for six hours straight; kudos to her!  The fastest overall time throughout all of the divisions was 4.57.  If you are interested in this event next year, you better start training now!  All of the runners absolutely loved participating in this race, so next year if you don’t want to run, come on out and support the runners!  It always helps when you have people cheering you on!

Photos by Cassie Lemus

This weekend the 19th Engineer Company (Vietnam) held their annual reunion.  They come to Pulaski County USA every year around this time to enjoy each other’s company while reminiscing about the old days.  Approximately 75 attended the reunion this year with friends and family and I was lucky enough to be able to attend their BBQ in the park!  These gentlemen love talking about not only their time in Vietnam, but the history of their Engineer Company.  I think it is a great thing that these men still reunite every year to strengthen their bonds of service with the Engineer Regiment and each other.  We can’t wait to see them next year!


Photos by Cassie Lemus

We also had another reunion group visit us this weekend; the 404th Military Police Company!  To tell you a little about this group, I asked our Group Tour/Travel and Reunion Coordinator, Karen Hood, to write a short guest blog for this post.

“I was so happy to get to meet Gunther Stegmeier,  the Reunion Planner for the 404TH MP CO., 4TH ARMORED DIVISION. I met with Gunther and his wife after a full day of touring Ft. Leonard Wood, dining at the “mess hall” and experiencing hands on activities.  They arrived in Pulaski County late last week to hold their 2012 Reunion, on September 5-8. This annual reunion travels around the U.S. to different host locations. The group reported a “great experience” and “were treated so well”. We are so fortunate to have such a reunion friendly installation, I’m sure we’ll be seeing them again!”


Photo by Karen Hood

We did give you a little break this past weekend, but this next weekend…get ready…it’s about to get crazy!  Friday night we have the “Let’s Beat the Streets for Poverty” event in St. Robert.  This event offers something for everyone.  Get in a 5K run, 5 mile bike run, or a 1 mile family walk and finish the event with a movie in the park.  We also have our highly anticipated Dixon Cowdays Festival!  During this festival you can win one of three cows; a long-time tradition.  Enjoy music, dancing, crafters, vendors, food and much more.  You can even enter an arm wrestling contest or do some karaoke!  Gather up your gal pals and start your Saturday off with a Zumba Party in Pink to support breast cancer and then drive on over to the St. Robert Community center for a day of shopping at the Women’s Expo.  Still not enough to do?  Well we know you love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so Saturday is your chance to dress up and do the time warp to an interactive show at the Black Jack Bar and Grill.  Maybe the time warp isn’t your dance of choice?  Enjoy a rock concert by “Ten Down” and “Days Taken” at the Roadhouse Bar and Grille on Saturday night for their “Bummer Summer is Over” event.  This weekend is going to be a big one and we hope that everyone has a chance to get out and do something fun!

If there are any questions on events, please see our website at or give us a call at 877-858-TOUR!

Until next week, Cassie Lemus Visitor Services Representative


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