Vote Vino! Pulaski County’s Hometown Star!

Pulaski County USA is proud to support Waynesville, MO native, Vino Alan, as a contestant on FOX’s “The X Factor” this year!  He took the stage with confidence in Kansas City, MO on September 15th to prove to the judges that he indeed has the “X Factor” that will win him the five million dollar recording contract.  Immediately judged by his tattoos and rough exterior, as soon as he opened his mouth and began singing “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne, he had already won over the American public and the judges.

From The X Factor USA YouTube Channel

Throughout The X Factor Bootcamp, Vino continued to WOW America with his unusually amazing sound; however, it was his emotional rendition of Pink’s “Sober” at LA Reid’s house that got him into the Top 16 and onto the Live shows.  Vino has worked hard to get where he is now, but hasn’t forgot about the struggles that got him there.  Working to support his fifteen year old son has been his main goal throughout this competition and you can feel that passion behind every song that he sings.

From The X Factor USA YouTube Channel

If you love Vino Alan as much as we do, then tune in to The X Factor on FOX, Wednesdays and Thursdays to listen to his soulfully/passionate voice that has women proposing to him from all over the world!  Help us spread the word for Vino by taking a photo with a “Vote for Vino” sign or record yourself voting!  Send us your pictures or videos showing how you support Vino and we will feature them on our social media, or just post them directly to our Facebook and Twitter accounts!  Oh and don’t forget…VOTE VINO!

Photo submitted to Vino Alan’s Facebook Page

Connect with Vino Alan via Facebook and Twitter

For more information on show times and local watch parties, click here!

Click here for information on How to Vote on The X Factor!

Until next time!
Cassie Lemus
Pulaski County Tourism Bureau

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