Get Your Kicks Along Historic Route 66

No other Highway in the history of the United States is as celebrated as Route 66. It is a throwback to a simpler time, when the idea of extended traveling was still a novelty. If you’re traveling the 300 miles of highway that spans 10 counties in Missouri, it means tearing a page out of history as you travel through quaint towns that provide glimpses to, and even memories of, a younger America.

The stretch of Route 66 that winds through Pulaski County is lush with brilliant scenery and breathtaking landscapes. Valleys cut through limestone and dolomite rock, and you’ll visit cities whose heyday was years ago, as well as cities just finding their roots. The tour will captivate travelers as they wind along the historic road in Pulaski County.

The route through Pulaski County holds particular appeal for modern-day travelers, with its blend of historic landmarks and natural preservation. Scenic overlooks and rivers are interspersed with historic buildings. Still visible is the historic Hooker Church and Graveyard, which dates back to the early 1900s. As you travel through Hooker Cut, take in the popular postcard landscape that was once rumored to be the deepest road cut in America and that shows the layers of limestone that had to be overcome to build the road.

The Open Road Along Historic Route 66

The Open Road Along Historic Route 66

Travel through the beautiful hamlet of Devils Elbow, which was bypassed in the 1940’s when Route 66 was realigned, and find out why lumberjacks cried in frustration at a large boulder lodged in the sharpest bend in the Big Piney River. They reasoned the boulder could only have been put there by the devil –the boulder and sharp corner caught the logs they tried to float downriver and created work-stopping log jams. Many landmarks of the community still stand and today’s visitors can still cross the Big Piney River on the original 1923 through truss bridge. In neighboring Saint Robert, travelers can rest at the George Reed Roadside Park and visit motor courts of yesteryear. As you make the descent into the county seat of Waynesville, watch for Frog Rock overlooking Route 66. Stop by the Old Pulaski County Courthouse Museum, one of two courthouses located along Route 66 in Missouri and while in the neighborhood visit the historic Old Stagecoach Stop that has stood since the 1850s. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building has served as a stagecoach stop, private residence, post office and Civil War hospital. Antique stops and gift stores and unique eateries line Route 66 throughout Pulaski County. Stop and stay awhile!

1923 Steel Trestle Bridge, Route 66 in Devils Elbow

1923 Steel Trestle Bridge, Route 66 in Devils Elbow

Come re-live 87 years and 33 miles of Historic Route 66 in Pulaski County by requesting our turn by turn driving tour (877-858-8687) or by downloading our audio tour at

Group tour operators – Also offered in Pulaski County is a professionally guided tour of Historic Route 66. A step-on guide, a local historian, is available for a one of a kind tour of Historic Route 66. The tour guide will meet your motor coach at a predetermined area whether you are coming from the east or from the west. The nominal fee includes a lively 2.5 hour narrative journey along the Mother Road. Some sections of the infamous road are from the 1920′s, 30′s, and 40′s and is easily driven.

Guided tours of Route 66 and Fort Leonard Wood are available for your motor coach group.

Guided tours of Route 66 and Fort Leonard Wood are available for your motor coach group.


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