Crocker: Remembering The Railroads

Frisco Depot Museum in Crocker, MO

Frisco Depot Museum in Crocker, MO

The days when railroads ruled America may have gone the way of the steam engine, but the town of Crocker preserves its railroad history with pride. From the railroad tracks that date back to the Frisco Railroad to the red caboose that resides in the heart of town, Crocker embraces its rail roots. What began as a small trading post in the 1800s, has grown to be a charming Midwestern town surrounded by the Ozark hills and meandering Gasconade River. Crocker’s history isn’t limited to the railroads, however; the James Gang, the notorious band of criminals who frequently robbed stagecoaches, trains, and banks, once traveled the area regularly. Rumor has it that Jesse James had a cousin who lived in town.

Frisco Caboose at Norma Lea's Frisco Park in Crocker, MO.

Frisco Caboose at Norma Lea’s Frisco Park in Crocker, MO.

Railroad enthusiasts, history buffs and those who are simply curious are drawn to Crocker’s Frisco Depot Museum and Norma Lea Frisco Park. The depot was the last in Pulaski County and served as the mail pick-up and drop-off point for the rest of the county. Now a museum, the original structure is home not only to county antiques, photographs and old train logs, but also to warm memories. The Crocker City Park holds several exciting events each year from horse rodeos, ATV rodeos, youth bull riding, to the annual Labor Day weekend Railroad Days Celebration. Fall activities include two farms offering hayrides, petting zoos, corn and hay stack mazes, antique tractor display and more. This is a great opportunity for families and youth groups to discover and appreciate life on the farm.

Norma Lea's Frisco Park in Crocker, Missouri

Norma Lea’s Frisco Park in Crocker, Missouri

Crocker displays its patriotism.

Crocker displays its patriotism.


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  1. With the nice weather coming in for hte spring, what a great idea for the family to take a pinic basket and enjoy Crocker and all that it has to offer!

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