Waynesville’s Roubidoux Bridge: Historic Route 66

Waynesville's Roubidoux Bridge: Historic Route 66

The Roubidoux Bridge, a five span concrete arch bridge, in Waynesville on historic Route 66 spans Roubidoux River and was constructed in 1923 to coincide with the, at the time, new Highway 66 that connected Chicago to Los Angeles. It was widened in 1939, before Fort Leonard Wood was conceptualized. Today’s visitors to Pulaski County USA can still travel across this original Route 66 bridge.

To learn more about bridges in Pulaski County, Missouri visit: http://bridgehunter.com/mo/pulaski/

To learn more about the history of Pulaski County, Missouri’s bridges visit: http://www.oldstagecoachstop.org/webgeezer/BridgesofPulaski.pdf

To obtain turn by turn directions of historic Route 66 visit: http://www.pulaskicountyusa.com

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