Brewer & Shipley: Welcome To Riddle Bridge

Brewer & Shipley: Welcome To Riddle Bridge

Brewer & Shipley, consisting of Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley, was a very popular folk music duo during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. They are most remembered for the single “One Toke Over The Line” which was released in 1970 on their third album, “Tarkio”. Six years later, in 1976, the pair released their seventh album, titled “Welcome To Riddle Bridge” under the Capitol Records label.

The album title pays homage to Riddle Bridge in Pulaski County USA and the cover art shows Brewer & Shipley standing on the 12 panel Pennsylvania through truss bridge that was built in 1911 by Canton Bridge Company. The bridge featured on that cover was replaced circa 1987.

welcome to riddle bridge 2

Today, Mike Brewer resides outside of Branson, Missouri and Tom Shipley lives and teaches in Rolla, Missouri in Phelps County, which neighbors Pulaski County.

Locals, visitors, and tourists still gather at the Riddle Bridge site (located at the end of Y Highway) to enjoy the scenic and dramatic bluffs and the natural beauty of the Gasconade River.

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UPDATED 18 September 2019

3 thoughts on “Brewer & Shipley: Welcome To Riddle Bridge

  1. That bridge was just up river from where we live right now. It’s a shame it had to go. It was a land mark for sure.

  2. I have crossed this bridge many times in “My younger years”, and had totally forgotten about it until I saw this!!! Precious memories!

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