Adventure Travel Series To Include Pulaski County Missouri

UNIVERSAL, ORLANDO- Pulaski County, Missouri has been selected as an overnight host destination for Season 8 FIREBALL RUN: America’s Frontier and its Race to Recover America’s Missing Children. Producers affirmed Pulaski County after receiving a Letter of Intent last year from Pulaski County Tourism Bureau Executive Director Beth Wiles and completing a site visit in early February. Several factors have led to the decision; particularly, Pulaski County has a robust and exciting pro-business community; an energetic, passionate and progressive Tourism Bureau; signature Midwest charm and hospitality as well as an abundance of history and attractions that will interest participants and excite audiences.

A reality-filmed series, FIREBALL RUN is the Most Epic Adventurally in America® a gripping and emotional 8 day, 2000 mile, life-sized trivia game, where America serves as the game board; 40 driving teams compete for glory, bragging rights, and a plastic road sign. All while aiding in a massive effort to recover America’s missing children.

America’s Frontier is this season’s theme. To move about the country and score, driving teams solve clues and accomplish tasks based on host destination points-of-interest, history, and culture.

Season 8 FIREBALL RUN: America's Frontier

Streamed live to a world-audience and filmed as part of a popular online TV series, the 2013 FIREBALL RUN elicited a whopping $56 million in media exposure for its host destinations. Pulaski County is one of eight host destinations selected and it will serve as Chapter 6 in the series.

Although a trivia game, there is nothing trivial about FIREBALL RUN’s message or results. Often referred to as “the most fun you will ever have, doing the most important thing you’ve ever done.” Each team is assigned a missing child from their hometown region and tasked with distributing posters along the route; the awareness campaign has aided in 42 child recoveries since 2007.

Pulaski County will have an official team competing in the event. The team and its missing child assignment will be announced by Presiding County Commissioner Gene Newkirk at a press briefing April 4, 2014, 10:00 a.m., at the Pulaski County Courthouse. Producers will be on hand for questions. Film crews will also be in Pulaski County filming the pre-selected sites for series inclusion. Sites included will be in Crocker, Dixon, Ft. Leonard Wood, Richland, Saint Robert and Waynesville.

Pulaski County USA Logo

The adventure begins September 27 in Frisco, TX and finishes October 4 in Independence, MO. The public is encouraged to join the festivities in downtown Waynesville for an afternoon of live streaming, family fun, meet celebrity teams and see their rides on Thursday Oct.2 and again on Friday morning, Oct. 3 for the Day 7 green flag start. It will be epic!

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