Good Samaritan of the Ozarks- Pulaski County’s Charity of Choice for Fireball Run

During a recent press conference, held April 4, 2014, at Pulaski County Courthouse in Waynesville, MO, Pulaski County Tourism Bureau announced that Good Samaritan of the Ozarks has been designated as the official local charity to benefit from Fireball Run.

Karen Hood, Marketing Relations Manager of the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau said “Fireball Run is well known for philanthropy and supports a non-profit organization in each destination. It was daunting to select a charitable organization with so many worthy causes to choose from in Pulaski County. We chose Good Samaritan of the Ozarks. We know the organization; we know their work; and we know with highest degree of confidence that the contributions will have a direct positive effect on families, women and children of the entire county.”

Founded in 1987, Good Samaritan of the Ozarks is a faith based charitable organization that operates Genesis House, a local battered women’s shelter and local food pantry. Good Samaritan has a long history of providing emergence relief in Pulaski County to those in need, administering programs for underprivileged children and families, programs for needy elderly, and programs for food and gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How Good Samaritan's Genesis House Helps Children

How Good Samaritan’s Genesis House Helps Children

Danielle Green, Interim Executive Director of Good Samaritan of the Ozarks said that Good Samaritan of the Ozarks is honored to be the charity chosen to represent Pulaski County. Green commented “Anytime we get an opportunity to raise awareness for child victims of domestic violence and talk about our programs we are thrilled. The benefit of being able to do that globally through Fireball Run is astounding! Not to mention, the excitement of a child who realizes people from all over the US provided something special just for them! We cannot tell you how excited we are!”

A reality-filmed series, FIREBALL RUN is the Most Epic Adventurally in America® a gripping and emotional 8 day, 2000 mile, life-sized trivia game, where America serves as the game board; 40 driving teams compete for glory, bragging rights, and a plastic road sign. All while aiding in a massive effort to recover America’s missing children. Pulaski County, Missouri is an overnight host destination for Season 8 FIREBALL RUN: America’s Frontier.

The adventure begins September 27 in Frisco, TX and finishes October 4 in Independence, MO. The public is encouraged to join the festivities in downtown Waynesville for an afternoon of live streaming, family fun, meet celebrity teams and see their rides on Thursday Oct.2 and again on Friday morning, Oct. 3 for the Day 7 green flag start. You do not want to miss it, mark your calendars NOW! It will be epic!

To learn more about Good Samaritan of the Ozarks, please visit or

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To learn more about FIREBALL RUN, and to watch previous seasons, please visit You can also follow Fireball Run on Twitter @FireballRun.

The most epic adventurally in America!

To learn more about Pulaski County USA please visit or You can also follow Pulaski County on Twitter @PulCoUSA.

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