Hitchhikers Guide To Local Flavor

Pulaski County is the melting pot of Mid-Missouri- and has the cuisine to prove it! This handy reference will guide you to some of the areas favorite unique dining spots- the places where the locals go to eat. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list. For a full listing of area restaurants, including corporate brands that you will recognize from your home, please visit http://www.PulaskiCountyUSA.com. Enjoy your culinary travels in the heart of Missouri cave country!

Jitters Bar & Grill in St. Robert

Jitters Bar & Grill in St. Robert


Mizeki Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill
198 Old Route 66
Saint Robert
10 miles from campground

It might take “a leap of faith to order sushi in Missouri in July”. New Hampshire TripAdvisor reviewer Kayaker01, took that leap of faith and declared Mizeki Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill in Saint Robert as “excellent” and urges others to “Just go. You will not be disappointed.” Mizeki’s offers appetizers, Japanese noodles, lunch specials, and dinner entrees. Popular appetizers include edamame, soft shell crab, and vegetarian gyoza. Between 11 am and 2 pm you can order one of six bento lunch combos- all come with miso soup, egg roll, gyoza, salad, and rice. Bento combos are available during dinner hours also. A popular dinner choice is Unagi Danburi- a bowl of rice with eel, avocado, seaweed salad, octopus salad, and tomago. Sushi options include salmon, tuna, albacore, yellow tail, red snapper, freshwater eel, crab, octopus, squid, sweet shrimp, mussel, masago, and tamago. House rolls include an avocado roll, cucumber roll, vegetable roll, California roll, spicy shrimp & crab roll, tuna roll, salmon roll, yellow tail roll, phille roll, spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll, eel cucumber roll, and a crab stick roll. Other options include a Hawaiian Roll (fresh/raw), Drill Sergeant Roll (fresh/raw), Sunshine Roll (baked), Monkey Ball (fried mushroom stuffed with spicy tuna), St. Robert Roll (lettuce, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, fried shrimp inside- topped with avocado) and the M4 Roll.

Cafe Korea
839 VFW Memorial Boulevard
Saint Robert
11 miles from campground

Chong Moore, owner of Cafe Korea, has been sharing her South Korean heritage, culture, and food with Saint Robert for almost five years. Her prepared to order, authentic dishes have been called the “the best of Korean cuisine in the Ozarks” by Rural Missouri magazine. Raised in her Mother’s kitchen, Moore prides herself on the freshness of her ingredients. She and her staff hand slice the meats that they marinate for 24 hours before creating their “ma shee suh yo” appetizers and entrees. One of their most popular entrees is Bulgogi, served with white or fried rice, made with your choice of beef, chicken, or pork. Their lunch special is especially popular- bulgogi or teriyaki served in a bento box with rice, spring roll, yakimandu, crab rangoon, kimbahp, and house salad. The salad is served with a spicy dressing that will make you wish it was bottled for sale to take home. The restaurant only accepts cash or checks for payment. There is an ATM available inside- and they also have free Wi-Fi.

Cafe Korea in Saint Robert. Photo by Rural Missouri.

Cafe Korea in Saint Robert. Photo by Rural Missouri.


Sweetwater Bar-B-Que
14076 Highway Z
Saint Robert
13 miles from campground

Beginning in the 1820’s industrious, enterprising men began floating rafts of railroad ties down the Big Piney River, into the Gasconade River, and downstream to Arlington. These rough and ready tie-rafters named landmarks along their journey. In Pulaski County, on land that is now part of Fort Leonard Wood, between Crooked Chute and Spring Creek Eddy was Sweet Water. Sweet Water was a long, swift stretch in the river. Rafters looked forward to this spot on the Big Piney because it was “sweet going”.

Today, folks look forward to a different type of sweet water- Sweetwater Bar-B-Que on historic Route 66 in Saint Robert- not far from the banks of the Big Piney River. Sweetwater shouldn’t be hard to find- just roll down your window as you approach Exit 163 and let the savory aroma guide you into the parking lot. For those dining in beer on tap is available. Sweetwater also offers meat by the pound- chopped beef brisket, pulled pork, ham, sausage, sliced turkey breast- perfect to take back to camp and share around the fire with friends. Don’t skip the sides! They are most famous for their fried spuds, but they also offer cole slaw, hillbilly beans, potato salad, corn cobette, and green beans. If you visit on a Sunday you can (and should) pick up a special treat – cabbage, corn bread, mashed potatoes, or cobbler. A slice of pecan pie is the perfect ending to a perfect Ozark BBQ experience at Sweetwater.

Sweetwater BBQ in Saint Robert

Sweetwater BBQ in Saint Robert

Elbow Inn Bar & BBQ
21050 Teardrop Road
Devils Elbow
15 miles from campground

Nestled in the Mark Twain National Forest, this historic roadhouse has had a reputation for “good eating” dating back to the late 1920’s. In the early days of Route 66 Munger-Moss Sandwich Shop served up “Old Kentucky Barbecue” chicken, ribs, pork, & beef and offered it with a bottle of Hyde Park beer. Eighty years later, travelers from around the world continue to seek out this tavern to indulge in a St Louis style, hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Other popular choices are chicken wings, ribs, pork steak, beef brisket, and the spicy Tater Burger. All pair nicely with fries, tater tots, or onion rings.

Dine outside in the Biergarten and take in the views of the rustic Big Piney River, the dramatic limestone and dolomite bluffs, and the ninety plus year old through truss bridge. It is very likely that the voices that drift from inside will include a mix of languages- a testimony to Elbow Inn Bar & BBQ’s international appeal.


Paradise Pit Restaurant & Lounge
95 Ichord Avenue
6 miles from campground

Paradise Pit is a combination of savory BBQ, fresh Caribbean food and tropical cocktails.

Chicken, pork, and ribs are slow cooked with a signature rub in a custom pit. In addition to Original BBQ sauce you can choose from Chipotle BBQ, Honey BBQ, Raspberry BBQ, Mango BBQ, or jerked.

Caribbean entrees include Mofongo with Carne Frita, Yuca con Bacalao, Pernil Asado, Pollo Guisado, and Shrimp Tacos. The staff prides themselves on their authentic recipes and cooked to order meals. Local favorites include tamales and white truffle fries. You can wash down your meal with a Red Stripe beer or one of the many choices from the drink menu. Lunch menu and free Wi-Fi is available.

Paradise Pit in Waynesville

Paradise Pit in Waynesville


Cellar 66
115 North Benton Street
7 miles from campground

Trout fishing in the Roaring Roubidoux in downtown Waynesville during Convention? Don’t want to hassle with cooking your dinner over the campfire? Take your catch to Cellar 66 on the Square in Waynesville and the skilled staff will prepare your fresh caught bounty! While you are there sample regional beer, spirits, and wines. Their selection also includes Made In Missouri products as well as national and international favorites.

Photo by Boot at rainwaterscreeksideramblings.blogspot.com

Photo by Boot at rainwaterscreeksideramblings.blogspot.com


Lamb’s Donuts
115 Gateway Circle
Saint Robert
12 miles from campground

Veteran-Owned Lamb’s Donuts is an early morning tradition for many Pulaski County residents and Fort Leonardwood soldiers. The donuts are fresh baked daily and delicious! You can order them individually or by the dozen(s) to share with friends. Their fried dough delights include cake donuts, glazed donuts, chocolate donuts, maple donuts, apple fritters, long johns, and a variety of cinnamon rolls. Coffee and breakfast burritos are also available.

Luna Java Coffeehouse
151 St. Robert Boulevard
Saint Robert
10 miles from campground

Luna Java Coffeehouse is a welcome retreat in the Saint Robert area. Kitschy and cozy, with a touch of boho, this is the place that discerning coffee drinkers go for a memorable coffee experience. Staffed by top notch, knowledgeable baristas, Luna Java’s coffee excellence begins with Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company of Saint Louis. Tea and smoothies are also available. Luna Java offers a limited breakfast menu beginning at 7 am. Beginning at 11 am they offer bites such as a Parmesan Chicken Wrap, Turkey Apple Bacon Panini, BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Bacon Artichoke Pasta, and a vegetarian Caprese Sandwich. Grilled Cheese, Mac and Cheese, and a vegetarian PB & J Sandwich are available for the kids. Coffee Box Togo conveniently serves 8 people. Perfect for taking back to convention hall or camp!

Luna Java in St. Robert offers daily specials.

Luna Java in St. Robert offers daily specials.


Paradise Deli & Ursula’s Schnitzelhaus
311 North Street
7 miles from campground

A fixture in downtown Waynesville for over thirty years, Paradise Deli lends a touch of “Bayrische Ggemütlichkeit”- Bavarian coziness- to the Square. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the menu ranges from Bauernfrühstück (farmer’s skillet) to Bayerische Brotzeitplatt (Bavarian Lunch Time Platter- assorted cold cuts, cheese & schinkenspeck) to Hungarian style Gipsy Schnitzel topped with spicy red pepper and sauce.

The Hub Restaurant & Lounge
777 VFW Memorial Drive
Saint Robert
11 miles from campground

The Hub has been a gathering spot for locals since 1974 and their menu includes items that many Fort Leonard Wood soldiers returning from Germany have described as authentic and “spot on”. The Hub prides itself on their European style kitchen and “Old World food with Old World charm”. The drink menu includes traditional German beers, wines, and liquors including Apfelkorn, Bärenjäger, and Asbach Uralt. The menu recommends four dinners as Specialties of the House:

The Schnitzel Trio includes Cordon Bleu, Jägerschnitzel, & St. Moritz Schnitzel.
The Black Forest Schnitzel is a pork tenderloin topped with smoked ham, tomato, cheese, and sautéed mushrooms.
The Bavarian Platter consists of smoked pork chop, knackwurst (beef sausage) and brätwurst (pork sausage).
Stuffed Beef Rouladen is a generous slice of prime beef basted with hot mustard, filled with hickory smoked bacon, diced onions and pickle, baked to tenderness, and served with spaetzle and gravy.


Pulaski County Farmers Market
Bailey Street, Roubidoux Park
8 miles from campground

Arriving to Convention early? Make sure to stop by Pulaski County Farmers Market for camp provisions! The market is open Saturday from 8 am until Noon. Everything is Local! Fresh vegetables and fruits in season, fresh cut herbs, naturally raised meats including bison, cage free eggs, old fashioned soaps, natural bath & body care, handmade laundry soap, jams, honey, candied nuts, crafts and a large variety of baked goods from traditional breads to exotic sweets.

Pulaski County Farmers Market Logo


Westwood Cafe
27050 Highway 133
8 miles from campground

Westwood Cafe is known for their “down home cookin” and their menu is loaded with stick to your ribs selections that will satisfy even the heartiest appetite. Entree choices include comfort food favorites such as Chicken Pot Pie, Liver & Grilled Onions, Ham and Beans, Fried Chicken, Country Fried Steak and ribeye and top sirloin steak dinners. Appetizers, salads/wraps, sandwiches, and burgers are also available. Breakfast is served all day!

Sunshine Cafe
688 Old Route 66
Saint Robert
9 miles from campground

Sunshine Cafe has been the breakfast gathering spot for many Saint Robert & Waynesville residents for years. The cafe is only open from 6:00 am until 2:30 pm Monday through Friday. They close at 1:00 pm on Saturday. Breakfast is served until 1:00 pm daily and includes traditional favorites such as bacon, sausage, ham, corned beef hash, eggs, hotcakes, and french toast. Not in a breakfast mood? The cafe also offers a variety hamburgers & sandwiches. Entrees include country fried steak, pork tenderloin, pork chops, roast beef, and ham steak options.


Mama Mia
101 Comfort Inn Drive
Saint Robert
10 miles from campground

In Greek communities across Missouri the name Makridis is synonymous with authentic Mediterranean food. The Makridis family has a reputation for dishing up delicious food in the Show Me State for over 40 years. Eleni Makridis carries on that tradition today as owner of Mama Mia in Saint Robert. Mama Mia has been referred to as a “hidden gem”, tucked under the shadow of the Comfort Inn. Your taste buds will thank you for finding this joint. Appetizer choices include the St. Louis favorite Toasted Ravioli, Keftedakia (small Greek meatballs), and Calamari. The Greek Salad, topped with feta, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and dressing has been described as “perfect” on many occasions. Entrees include chicken, seafood, and meatball choices and can be ordered family size. They are best known for their generous gyros- no skimping on the meat at Mama Mia! Kalí̱ órexi̱

Mama Mia in Saint Robert

Mama Mia in Saint Robert

Di Trapani’s Italian Bistro
16995 Highway 28
19 miles from campground

Pulaski County’s destination restaurant has strong family ties to the famous Zeno’s Restaurant on Route 66 near Rolla that closed in 2011 after 50+ years. Chef Michael Scheffer, owner of Di Trapani’s, is the grandson of Zeno Scheffer. Chef Michael brings a passion to his food, presentation, and to providing his diners a unique and memorable food and drink experience. Chef’s plates are enhanced by the extraordinary views of Portuguese Point of the Gasconade River in the valley below. The Flash Fried Spinach was first served to Chef’s mother-in-law and is now the most popular appetizer. Eggplant Parmesan and Calamari are also popular appetizers at Di Trapani’s. Entrees include Chicken Scaloppini, Filet Mignon (topped with provel and homemade roasted garlic butter sauce), Veal Oscar, Seafood Lasagna with asparagus and lobster sauce. Dominic’s Tiramisu is also highly praised. Before leaving make sure to purchase a bottle of the house salad dressing to take back with you.

Di Trapani's Italian Bistro in Dixon

Di Trapani’s Italian Bistro in Dixon


Cancun Mexican Grill
690 Missouri Avenue, Suite 6
Saint Robert
11 miles from campground

Cancun Mexican Grill serves dishes inspired from the coasts of Mexico. The Yucatan peninsula has a style of food all of its own which you can find in many restaurants in Cancun. The culinary delights of a typical Yucatecan kitchen come from a mouth-watering mixture of Mayan, Caribbean, Dutch, Lebanese, and Spanish flavors. A lot of the dishes from this region are not spicy yet are absolutely delicious.

The dishes at Cancun Mexican Grill have been described as authentic, flavorful, and delicious. The Warrior Burrito is a top seller and is a local favorite. Mexican soft drinks and Horchata are available.

Cancun Mexican Grill in Saint Robert

Cancun Mexican Grill in Saint Robert


TK’s Pizza
743 Missouri Avenue
Saint Robert
11 miles from campground

TK’s Pizza has been a local favorite for decades in Pulaski County. Bringing back a few of their 20″ King Pick Up Specials to camp could make you a hero! In addition to the traditional toppings that you expect TK’s offers 8 specialty pizzas including – St. Louis Style (with Provel Cheese), Chicken & Spinach Alfredo, Buffalo Chicken, and Bacon Cheeseburger. You can also order cheese bread, wings, calzones, and cinnamon sticks.

GW Pizza
896 Missouri Avenue
Saint Robert
12 miles from campground

GW Pizza is another local favorite for pizzas, calzones, wings, and Chicago Hot Dogs. Home of the 30″ Queen Pizza, you can top it as you please, or choose from popular specialties- Buffalo Chicken, Taco, Alfredo, Spinach, Extreme Meat Lovers, or Vegetarian. Sandwiches offered are Meatball, Buffalo Chicken, or Chicken Bacon Ranch. Don’t forget dessert- Cinna Bites, Cinna Sticks, or Oreo Cheese Cake!


Hoppers Pub
318 Historic Route 66 East
7 miles from campground

In the heart of Waynesville, on the Square, Hoppers Pub pays homage to its Route 66 connection by offering 66 beers on tap. Some offerings of note are: Hoppers Frog Drool, an American Pale Ale brewed exclusively for Hoppers Pub by Piney River Brewing Company; Ad Astra Ale, an Altbier (traditional German ale) brewed by Free State Brewing Company; Stone IPA, an American IPA brewed by Stone Brewing Company; Chocolate Milk Stout, a Milk/Sweet Stout brewed by 4 Hands Brewing Company of Saint Louis; and Black Walnut Wheat, an American Dark Wheat Ale also from local favorite Piney River Brewing Company. The extensive beer menu covers domestics and imports, craft beers and industry giant beers-including Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR).

Hoppers Pub in Waynesville

Hoppers Pub in Waynesville

The food menu does not slack either. Specialties include Fish and Chips, Citrus Chicken, Mango Habanero Chicken, Ribeye Steak, and Frog Legs. Burger enthusiasts will enjoy working their way through the ten burgers on the menu. Standouts include the BBQ Guinness Burger, the Low Carb Burger, and the Jam Burger- topped with a signature sweet and spice jam. Salads, appetizers, and sandwiches are also available. Hoppers Pub also has a menu for the little ones!

Z Bar & Grill
127 Vickie Lynn Lane
Saint Robert
10 miles from campground

Z Bar & Grill brings a contemporary flair to Saint Robert and diners can choose to enjoy their meal in the stylish dining room or on the upbeat patio area. Z Bar & Grill prides themselves on their bartenders crafting amazing cocktails, and their chefs creating delicious meals. The menu includes classic meals with an innovative twist and generous portion sizes to enjoy. The breakfast bar buffet opens at 5:30 am Monday through Friday and serves through 8:30 am. Breakfast bar buffet hours are available Saturday & Sunday. Dinner services begin at 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Menu items include appetizer selections, salads, entrees, and desserts. The Walnut Chicken Salad and Blackened Steak Salad are favorites with diners. Entrees include the Infamous Bourbon Burger, Blackened Chicken Sandwich, Smoked Panini Sandwich, Blackened Steak or Chicken Tacos, Tilapia, and Bourbon Glazed Salmon. Z Bar & Grill also offers a kids menu.

ZLoft Bar & Grill in Saint Robert

ZLoft Bar & Grill in Saint Robert


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