Top 5 Places To Have A Flavor Party In Pulaski County USA!

Delicious flavors explode in Saint Robert, Missouri! Pulaski County is the melting pot of Mid-Missouri and the local cuisine certainly reflects diversity. Four of St. Robert’s top five rated restaurants serve three different international cuisines: Korean, Mediterranean, and regional Mexican dishes. Traditional Ozarks BBQ rounds out the list. Grab your taste “buds” and bring your appetite to Pulaski County!

1. Cafe Korea- Chong Moore, owner of Cafe Korea, has been sharing her South Korean heritage, culture, and food with Saint Robert for almost five years. Her prepared to order, authentic dishes have been called the “the best of Korean cuisine in the Ozarks” by Rural Missouri magazine. Raised in her Mother’s kitchen, Moore prides herself on the freshness of her ingredients. She and her staff hand slice the meats that they marinate for 24 hours before creating their “ma shee suh yo” appetizers and entrees.

Cafe Korea in Saint Robert. Photo by Rural Missouri.

Cafe Korea in Saint Robert. Photo by Rural Missouri.

2. Mama Mia- In Greek communities across Missouri the name Makridis is synonymous with authentic Mediterranean food. The Makridis family has a reputation for dishing up delicious food in the Show Me State for over 40 years. Eleni Makridis carries on that tradition today as owner of Mama Mia in Saint Robert. Mama Mia has been referred to as a “hidden gem”, tucked under the shadow of the Comfort Inn. They are best known for their generous gyros- no skimping on the meat at Mama Mia! Kalí̱ órexi̱

Mama Mia in Saint Robert

Mama Mia in Saint Robert

3. Don Jose Unique Mexican Bar & Grill- A relative newcomer to the St. Robert food scene, Don Jose’s has a lot of buzz- and a lot of 5 star reviews.

4. Cancun Mexican Grill- CMG serves dishes inspired from the coasts of Mexico. The Yucatan peninsula has a style of food all of its own which you can find in many restaurants in Cancun. The culinary delights of a typical Yucatecan kitchen come from a mouth-watering mixture of Mayan, Caribbean, Dutch, Lebanese, and Spanish flavors. The dishes at Cancun Mexican Grill have been described as authentic, flavorful, and delicious. The Warrior Burrito is a top seller and is a local favorite.

Cancun Mexican Grill in Saint Robert

Cancun Mexican Grill in Saint Robert

5. Sweetwater Bar-B-Que- Beginning in the 1820’s industrious, enterprising men began floating rafts of railroad ties down the Big Piney River, into the Gasconade River, and downstream to Arlington. These rough and ready tie-rafters named landmarks along their journey. In Pulaski County, on land that is now part of Fort Leonard Wood, between Crooked Chute and Spring Creek Eddy was Sweet Water. Sweet Water was a long, swift stretch in the river. Rafters looked forward to this spot on the Big Piney because it was “sweet going”. Today, folks look forward to a different type of sweet water- Sweetwater Bar-B-Que on historic Route 66 in Saint Robert- not far from the banks of the Big Piney River. Sweetwater shouldn’t be hard to find- just roll down your window as you approach Interstate 44 Exit 163 and let the savory aroma guide you into the parking lot.

Sweetwater BBQ in Saint Robert

Sweetwater BBQ in Saint Robert

*Rankings from TripAdvisor 5/6/2015
** For a full listing of area restaurants, including corporate brands, please visit


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