Ole Time Sweet Shoppe-Richland, MO

Ole Time Sweet Shoppe is permanently closed. 12/6/2016

Ole Time Sweet Shoppe
219 South Walnut Street
Richland, MO 65556

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Ole Time Sweet Shoppe is located at 219 South Walnut Street, Richland.

 219 South Walnut Street houses Richland, Missouri’s very own version of a matryoshka doll- a Russian nesting doll. In addition to housing unique and fascinating treasures as Penaroyal Antiques & Collectibles II, it is also home to Ole Time Sweet Shoppe. In turn, Ole Time Sweet Shoppe, in the style of a pop-up restaurant, offers hickory smoked BBQ the first Saturday of each month.

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The aroma of freshly made sweets invites you in!

The smell of freshly made sweets greets customers at the door and coaxes you over the threshold. Inside are four rooms of antiques- and the source of the delicious aroma- Ole Time Sweet Shoppe. The booths, reminiscent of a 50’s era diner, invite you to slip in and indulge your sweet tooth. Traditional homemade fudge, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls are all enticing, but what sets Ole Time Sweet Shoppe apart are their unique individual mini pies. Taking home a coconut cream pie is quickly becoming a tradition!


Don’t miss the pies at Ole Time Sweet Shoppe- especially the Coconut Cream!

Whether you are lucky enough to call Richland “home” or are exploring the Frisco Railroad boom towns, take time to be captivated by this combination of antiques and sweets!

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OTSS offers smokey barbecue the first Saturday of every month.

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Penaroyal Antiques & Collectibles original location is just doors away from Old Time Sweet Shoppe- at 107 South Walnut in Richland.

To learn more about things to see and do in Pulaski County, Missouri, including our Antique & Sweet Trail, please visit www.PulaskiCountyUSA.com.

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Ole Time Sweet Shoppe is permanently closed. 12/6/2016

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