Big BAM Day 3 Amusements, Attractions, & Sites of Significance

Big BAM cyclists will have pedaled almost 193 miles of Route 66 when arriving in Waynesville at the end of Day 3. Enhance your epic adventure with these one-of-a-kind Pulaski County experiences before saddling up for Day 4!

Downtown Waynesville Missouri

Image by Pulaski County Tourism Bureau

B&B Theatres Waynesville Patriot 12: Waynesville’s newest movie house is as big as a whale! The Grand Screen is an impressive 62’ x 32’ making it larger than a humpback whale- and one of the largest screens in southern Missouri.

Arts_Entertainment near Fort Leonard Wood micmal 1000x548 NF

Image by Michelle Mallard

Route 66 Community Art Gallery: Located in a period Route 66 building that first housed Weber’s Appliance, Route 66 Community Art Gallery celebrates all things Route 66. The gallery features paintings, photography, drawings, and sculpture work of local and international artists. The gallery is also a favorite place to pick up Route 66 books and memorabilia.

1903 Route 66 Courthouse Museum: The former Courthouse housed Pulaski County’s government offices over 85 years. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and began a second life as a museum after the current Pulaski County Courthouse was dedicated. The building was designed by Henry H. Hohenschild who served as Missouri State Architect in 1899. The National Park Service notes that “The irregular shape of the courthouse is interesting, especially the distinctive, square Italianate tower, or campanile, with arched windows on each side.” NPS continues “If you look up, you’ll notice that exposed rafters edge the bell tower’s roof. They are supported by a decorative corbel table – pieces of protruding, decorated stone provided to carry the weight of the roof above. This is worth noting for its lovely Italianate aspect right there in the middle of Missouri, the Show Me State.” They elaborate further “Inside, look for the original wooden frames around the windows and doors and the original Stromboli fan with wooden blades hanging in the old county clerk’s office. On the wooden stairway leading to the second floor, the original decorative spindle balustrade is just like it was in 1903. Once upstairs, visitors can see the original oak ceiling with exposed rafters and joints in the courtroom–an example of superb craftsmanship.”

not all those who wander COURTHOUSE MUSEUM

Old Stagecoach Stop Museum: Also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Old Stagecoach Stop has been a fixture of Waynesville’s town Square since the late 1850’s. It first served as a stagecoach stop and during the Civil War it was commandeered as a hospital. The building has also been used as a hotel and an apartment building before falling into disuse and disrepair. It had sat empty and abandoned for almost twenty years when it was condemned in 1982 and slated for demolition. A heroic and determined group of citizens banded together to purchase, rehabilitate, and preserve the iconic structure- now one of Missouri’s Route 66 gems.

not all those who wander OLD STAGECOACH STOP

Roubidoux Spring Cherokee Campsite: Discover the tragic tale of the Trail of Tears and honor the memory of those who suffered during the removal at the Roubidoux Spring Cherokee Campsite at Laughlin Park. Seven National Park Service interpretive markers document the forced removal of the Cherokee and other Native American tribes from their homelands. Laughlin Park is one of only seven certified Trail of Tears Historic sites in Missouri.


Image by Pulaski County Tourism Bureau

Frog Rock: Also known as W.H. (Waynesville Hill) Croaker this quirky rock sculpture has been delighting Route 66 travelers since 1996. An Instagram-worthy selfie with Frog Rock is becoming a Route 66 rite of passage. (Please do not climb on W.H. Croaker.)


Image by Brand USA, Courtesy of Pulaski County Tourism Bureau

Freedom Rock: During September 2017 Iowa muralist Bubba Sorensen set up temporary headquarters on St. Robert Boulevard in Saint Robert, Missouri to create Missouri’s third Freedom Rock installation. His completed artwork is now one of St. Robert’s most photographed locations. His tribute to Pulaski County’s deep-seated military roots is guaranteed to stir the patriotism of all those who visit the Freedom Rock.

Freedom Rock IMage by ldh

Image by Pulaski County Tourism Bureau

Tiger Typhoon Aquatic Center: Make a splash at Saint Robert’s Tiger Typhoon! More than a municipal swimming pool, TTAC has a current channel, lap lanes, and more!

Images of Pulaski County, Missouri on May 30th and 31st, 2017.

St. Robert’s Tiger Typhoon Aquatic Center. Courtesy of Pulaski County Tourism Bureau.

Bow & Barrel Sports Center: Bow and Barrel Sports Center is home to an indoor firearms range that has 7 individual shooting lanes. Shooters have a variety of 50+ rental guns to choose from including Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Ruger, Glock, Springfield, Kel-Tech, FN, HK, Kahr, and Walther. The center also offers outdoor archery.

Uranus Inc. occupies the former footprint of Route 66’s Mark Twain Motel & Restaurant. The center is home to Chicken Bones Party Bar and Grill (a Big BAM featured bar), a fudge factory and general store, escape rooms, and the world’s largest belt buckle.  Uranus is modeled after over-the-top tourist traps of Route 66’s heyday and its sometimes peculiar and bizarre photo ops are often Instaworthy.

World's Largest Belt Buckle at Uranus, Inc.

Image by Pulaski County Tourism Bureau.

Shuttle service will be available at Waynesville City Park to transport riders to and from amusements, attractions, and sites of significance.

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