Puzzled? Escape Rooms in Pulaski County USA!

What is an escape room? The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA defines escape rooms as:

“an all-new form of entertainment where teams of 6-12 players must use and manipulate their surroundings to escape an enclosed area or achieve a goal within a set amount of time.”

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But, how do they work? The gamemaster, who oversees your in-game EXPERIENCE, details the mission to your team. Once your squad is inside the themed room gamespace you will begin scavenging for clues. You could possibly find a lock that needs a key, or a sealed container that requires a passcode to access. Your team will have to work together to solve the puzzles to make your escape before the gameclock runs out.

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Escape rooms are exploding in popularity! PULASKI COUNTY now has two game businesses offering rooms that appeal to people seeking a video-game-style adventure in real-life action.

USA Today summarized:

“Factor in quality time spent with friends, the chance to show off puzzle-solving skills, the adrenaline rush fueled by a faux-high-stakes game and a guaranteed photo-op, and you can see why escape rooms have become a popular American pastime.”

ESCAPE room aficionado/blogger David Spira adds “in a world gone digital, it feels so good to do something in real life.”

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Escape ROOMS are fantastic way to give your brain a workout and enjoy laughs as a come-as-you-are family activity, a birthday party, a casual gathering with a twist- or even a date night!

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Book your escape room adventures at Escape Fort Wood and Escape Uranus today!


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